In Development

verb: To emphasize the importance of something.

Underscore is a cinematic immersive art experience that brings audiences on a powerful poetic journey, to examine the present moment - a period of heightened transition and flux, where we find ourselves simultaneously on the cusp of environmental catastrophe and encounters with artificial and non-human intelligences that will redefine our purpose, our behaviors, and our beliefs. The experience uses emerging technologies to communicate a feeling, establish a connection, and provoke a response.

Logline: Laoise and Aodhán come together to face the apocalypse. As nature mutates and evolves, the siblings transform into light. The end of the world is the start of something new.

Underscore is an original idea by Hugh McGrory and is created in collaboration with a team of international innovators in AI art, electronic music, VFX, data storytelling, virtual production and virtual reality.

Underscore is designed as a film for four walls to tour the global footprint of fully equipped physical venues left in the wake of previous projects like Immersive Van Gogh. Underscore will be released as an at-home immersive experience for virtual reality headsets and as a single screen feature length art film for theatrical exhibition.


Hugh McGrory


Glenn Marshall

AI Director

Debra McGrory

Producer (UK)

Eyal Rimmon

Producer (US)

Edwina Forkin

Producer (EU)

Phil Kieran


Cristian Vogel

Spatial Audio

Duncan Ransom

AI Artist